Pro Rider Mobility Scooter Receives WHICH! BEST BUY AWARD


We are proud to announce that the well renowned consumer review magazine WHICH! has awarded our Pro Rider ELITE mobility scooter BEST BUY in its mobility scooter category.

Our ELITE scooter was thoroughly put through its paces by the WHICH! magazine testers and it came top for a number of categories such as “Getting on and off”, “Using Controls”, “Clarity of Display” and “Ease of charging battery”. When asked the question “Should I buy it?”, the WHICH! experts answered “Yes. This Best Buy scooter costs less than some we’ve seen and is comfortable and convenient to use.”

They added, “This class two mobility scooter moves round obstacles with ease, is simple to control, pulls away smoothly and gives a comfortable ride. It’s easy to assemble, and when you’ve completed your trip it can be dismantled into five parts that will fit in the boot of a car. It’s so good we didn’t hesitate to make it a Best Buy.”

And they didn’t let the “below £500” price tag sway their judgement either. Even though this scooter is considerably cheaper than most other models on the market, the WHICH! tests were conducted against much more expensive brands. And the Pro Rider ELITE still come out on top!!

So, we are very proud of our WHICH! accolade and we are now looking to get our other mobility scooters tested as well.

If you would like to read the whole WHICH! magazine review, please click here.

If you would like to find out more about the Pro Rider ELITE mobility scooter, please click here to view it in our online shop.

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