Can I get help to fund my mobility scooter purchase?

A mobility scooter is the key to a whole new lease of life. But, many believe that this freedom is financially beyond them.

This is not necessarily true. There are a number of ways to help you fund and spread the cost of owning a mobility scooter.

There are a number of organisations and charities that can help you fund your scooter purchase, but even the large national charities rarely fund the full cost of the scooter. This often forces customers to buy second hand or go without. Buying a second hand scooter might seem a cost effective solution, but you will inevitably get a machine that has limited life and is not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. If the mobility scooter goes wrong you are then spending more on fixing it, or at the very worst, you are back to square one and having to purchase another scooter.

Some charities and organisations let you rent a mobility scooter, but you will always be paying rent for the unit which will not allow many to save for other needs. And at the end of the rental, you will not own the scooter and have to hand it back.

Here at Pro Rider Mobility we have sat down with our customers to address this problem. And the solution is our Pro Rider Mobility Finance Package.

The current Motability scheme takes most, if not all of the customers DLA monthly allowance, whereas Pro Rider Mobility will charge on average half that amount.

And the Pro Rider Mobility Finance Package will also let you include all your home warranty, insurance cover and breakdown cover into your monthly payments. So, there are no additional monthly charges to worry about.

So, to summarise, buying your mobility scooter or electric powerchair with the Pro Rider Mobility Finance Package will offer:

  1. A massive saving on the initial purchase price of the product (meaning smaller repayments)
  2. A brand new mobility scooter or electric wheelchair to keep with full 5 star home warranty
  3. The highest level of after sales care with over 90 nationally located engineers ready to help if something goes wrong
  4. Pro Rider Mobility will charge on average half that amount of other funding schemes such as Motability Scheme, so you have more spare saving for other things.

So, call us today on 01604 813428 and speak with one of our friendly sales team to find out more about our affordable finance packages.

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