The Original Mobility Scooter

The "Amigo" - Original Mobility Scooter
The “Amigo” – Original Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooters have transformed the lives of many people with limited movement. The freedom and dignity these devices give is without a doubt life-changing.

And with all their modern functions, such as indicators, powerful motors and long life batteries, you would be forgiven for thinking that the mobility scooter was a pretty recent invention.

Well, the first mobility scooter was invented way back in 1967 by an American named Al Thieme. Al went on a trip to Mexico and needed to rent a wheelchair for a family member. This is what gave him the idea to go that step further and take the concept of the wheelchair and give it power and independent steering.

Al invented the “Amigo”, the “family friend” that could give independence and dignity to his less able relative.

After witnessing the joy of her new mobility, Al decided to go into production and the first mobility scooters were adaptations of a stand-up electronic warehouse cart.

The “Amigo” went into production in 1970 and by 1975 the mobility scooters were selling well. Other manufacturers soon started copying the idea and other varieties of mobility scooter were soon in production.

Early models were very basic and quite unstable with no suspension and limited movement. But, products evolve with need and customer feedback has made modern mobility scooters the advanced machinery they are today.

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