The Pro Rider P3 Powerchair / Electric Wheelchair

The Pro Rider P3 Powerchair / Electric Wheelchair

If you like the manoeuvrability and compact size of your wheelchair, and you think a class 2 or class 3 mobility scooter may be a little large for you, then you need a powerchair.

A Powerchair is the modern day equivalent of an electric wheelchair. But, not only is the name modern, the technology is now far superior to the old electric wheelchairs of the past.

Comfort, ease of use and manoeuvrability is now a key factor in the design of powerchairs. A powerchair is easy to use around the house, out on the street or around the supermarket. It is lightweight, flexible and robust and it will take you to your destination quickly and easily.

Pro Rider Mobility have developed the P3 Powerchair. It is designed to be ultra comfortable and ultra reliable and with the ability to turn on its own axis, making it extremely good at negotiating tight spaces.

It has also been designed to be very easy to operate and simple to charge the battery. Just set it up and you will be “powering” around with freedom in minutes.

Adding to the flexibility of the P3 Powerchair is the ability to have the controls mounted on either the left or right armrest. This allows left and right handed operators to have the freedom and comfort of choice.

Have a look at the P3 Powerchair on our website, or view our complete range of Powerchairs and Electric Wheelchairs here.

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