The “Rolls Royce” of Mobility Scooters

The Rolls Royce of Mobility Scooters
The Rolls Royce of Mobility Scooters

A retired engineer from Westonsuper-Mare in¬†Somerset has spent his retirement customising a mobility scooter into….. a Rolls Royce!!

Bill Inston’s mobility scooter certainly turns heads. He spent three months painstakingly adapting his standard scooter to resemble a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

“Like everyone else, I always wanted a Rolls and like many others, I could never afford one. So one day I had the idea to turn my scooter into one. When I’m cruising through Weston people often stop me and ask about it.”

“I see other people using mobility scooters looking enviously on”

Eight years ago, Bill fractured his femur, immobilising him and leaving him in need of a mobility scooter to claim back his life. A few hundred pounds more and he had his Silver Cloud.

Not bad if you consider that a real Rols Royce Phantom costs ¬£300,000. But, a Phantom has a V12 engine, where Bill’s Rolls has a 12V battery…….


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