How to Choose an Electric Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchairs from Pro Rider Mobility

For many people, electric wheelchairs are necessary to enjoy a decent standard of living. Here at <a title="Pro Rider Mobility" href="http://www viagra” target=”_blank”>Pro Rider Mobility, we sell a wide variety of electric powered wheelchairs to those who want to maintain their independence, but who may not have the strength or mobility to handle a self-propelled chair. But with so many different electric wheelchairs to choose from, how can you find one that completely suits your needs?

While these chairs are generally more expensive than self-propelled options, they give plenty of flexibility in terms of both indoor and outdoor use. Here are some of the factors you need to take into consideration when deciding on which electric wheelchair is right for you.

1. Work out which type you need. There are generally three different types: front wheel drive, mid wheel drive and rear wheel drive. Check with your doctor to find out which is most suitable for your specific needs.

2. Think about how the chair will be used. If it’s just an indoor chair, it can be more basic, while chairs being used for greater distances outdoors should have larger wheels. Also consider whether you need to travel, in which case the chair you choose needs to be easy to transport in a large car or van.

3. Choose a chair that is the right size. Measure the width, and make sure you’ll be able to navigate your home.

4. Check for comfort. If you’ll be using the chair for long periods, it needs to be as comfortable as possible.

5. Check the battery usage. Check how long it will last when on charge, and be sure that this is suitable for your needs.

Follow these five steps and it should be easy to find the right chair to suit you.

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