Wheelchair football: the Paralympic legacy continues into 2015

While 2012’s London games are now a distant memory to many and all eyes are starting to look towards Brazil 2016, the Paralympic legacy in the UK is still evident three years later and sport for people with disabilities is going from strength to strength. Recent news reports from across the country show that we’re seeing a growth in wheelchair football teams, and that these teams are looking for new members to come along and get involved.

If you’re an electric wheelchair user looking for a fun new activity, wheelchair football offers a change to meet new people, engage in a fun competitive sport and compete against others. Watford Football Club and Bury Rangers announced earlier this week that they are funding and supporting football clubs for children with disabilities, while the Charioteers Wheelchair Football Club in Ipswich are currently looking for adults who wish to get involved and set up a league. Also in the news this month was Nathan Mattick from Cheltenham, who has been approved as a referee for local league games by disabled and able-bodied soccer teams.

Keeping active and independent is important, and joining a sports team can help you with this. With a great focus on disabled sport and funding being allocated to extend these activities as part of the Olympic legacy, electric wheelchair users are finding more and more opportunities to take part in sport. If you’d like to know more, get online and look up your local team today. Need a higher-powered electric wheelchair to drive you to sporting success? Get in touch with Pro Rider Mobility and see what we can offer you.

Mobility Scooter Safety Courses Improve Quality of Life

A new police project in South Yorkshire is encouraging mobility scooter users to enroll on safety courses. Delivered in community centres, care homes and churches across the county, the free Scooter Safe project uses a film-set indoor street to help train scooter users on protecting themselves and others when out and about.

It may seem unnecessary, but an increase in accessibility to these courses could be a huge benefit to those with mobility problems. A common issue is that mobility scooters do not require licenses, so many individuals have no, or very limited, experience of road safety or insurance policies. This can be very stressful, particularly for the elderly, so community-driven initiatives such as this can vastly improve accessibility and confidence for locals.

Outreach programmes are also a great way to help individuals get to know one another better and make new friends, another big plus for those who sometimes struggle to get out of the house preis viagra schweiz. Could more projects such as this continue to improve quality of life for disabled individuals? Longer term drives could yield even further benefits, so it’s fantastic to see such a positive response to Scooter Safe so far. A mixture of public and private initiatives could be used not only to improve safety for users and other members of the public, but to give tips and advice on making the most out of your scooter, maintenance, and local accessible routes – the possibilities are endless!

Pro Rider Stair Lifts

Pro Rider Stairlifts in Association with Acorn
Pro Rider Stairlifts in Association with Acorn

For anyone who finds it difficult to climb the stairs in their home, nothing can bring more peace of mind and confidence than a stair lift. At Pro Rider Mobility, we take into account every possible need of those less able, and our products feature only the most sophisticated modern-day components, meaning that you get all of your home back at the click of a button.

Our stair lifts are all about comfort. After all, you wouldn’t put up with an uncomfortable armchair, so why should your stair lift be any different? Choose from a standing stair lift, a kneeling stair lift, or a regular seated stair life – all simple to use and maintain. Fold it up when not in use and it will be as if it doesn’t even exist.

In addition to unrivalled quality, our lifts are also extremely affordable, and installation can happen just one day after purchasing. You may be thinking that your staircase design will not accommodate a lift, but our models fit to the stairs rather than the wall. The result? An efficient and smooth ride regardless of staircase shape.

The Pro Rider range also includes an outdoor option – climb your garden steps and water your flowers any time with our durable and weather resistant model. Each outdoor lift also includes a cover, meaning that once the winter months have passed, your chair will be exactly how you left it.

At Pro Rider we know how important a person’s home is, and we want everybody to be able to enjoy those creature comforts, no matter what their range of motion.

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Pro Rider Mobility Scooter Service and Repairs

Mobility Scooter Service and Repairs

A mobility scooter is a wonderfully practical way to get around, and since their introduction, millions of people have enjoyed a significantly greater quality of life. With these devices playing such a crucial part in the lives of so many, their safe and efficient functioning is paramount, and that is where Pro Rider mobility scooter service and repair scheme comes in.

Put simply, this scheme is dedicated to ensuring that Pro Rider customers are lavished with just as much attention after purchasing as they were when reaching into their pockets. The service is based on Pro Rider’s core values of integrity and honesty – values that will never waver. With expertly trained engineers rushing to the door of any UK resident, regardless of the mobility scooter brand, customers will be met by an experienced onsite service and repair team; the team will waste little time in identifying and correcting the problem, meaning that you will be mobile again in no time at all. In keeping with another of the company’s values – fair pricing – this service costs only £75 if paid up front (£90 after purchase), and it is worth every penny.

Even with the finely honed skills of Pro Rider staff ready to go, on occasions, your mobility scooter may simply be beyond repair. Should this rare and unfortunate situation present itself, a courtesy scooter will be at your door before you have the chance to scratch your nose.

Pro Rider mobility scooter service and repair scheme is as comprehensive a service as you can get, and the company’s commitment to a convenient customer-based approach means that regardless of where you are or how severe the malfunction, all that is needed is a call to Pro Rider.

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