Pro Rider Mobility Scooter Service and Repairs

Mobility Scooter Service and Repairs

A mobility scooter is a wonderfully practical way to get around, and since their introduction, millions of people have enjoyed a significantly greater quality of life. With these devices playing such a crucial part in the lives of so many, their safe and efficient functioning is paramount, and that is where Pro Rider mobility scooter service and repair scheme comes in.

Put simply, this scheme is dedicated to ensuring that Pro Rider customers are lavished with just as much attention after purchasing as they were when reaching into their pockets. The service is based on Pro Rider’s core values of integrity and honesty – values that will never waver. With expertly trained engineers rushing to the door of any UK resident, regardless of the mobility scooter brand, customers will be met by an experienced onsite service and repair team; the team will waste little time in identifying and correcting the problem, meaning that you will be mobile again in no time at all. In keeping with another of the company’s values – fair pricing – this service costs only £75 if paid up front (£90 after purchase), and it is worth every penny.

Even with the finely honed skills of Pro Rider staff ready to go, on occasions, your mobility scooter may simply be beyond repair. Should this rare and unfortunate situation present itself, a courtesy scooter will be at your door before you have the chance to scratch your nose.

Pro Rider mobility scooter service and repair scheme is as comprehensive a service as you can get, and the company’s commitment to a convenient customer-based approach means that regardless of where you are or how severe the malfunction, all that is needed is a call to Pro Rider.

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