What are the legal requirements for mobility scooter owners?

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If you struggle with walking or have issues with fatigue, a mobility scooter can be a truly life-changing purchase. Yet, if you are new to these devices, you will probably want a bit of an introduction before you dive in and purchase your first one. In particular, you may want to know the various legal requirements of handling this vehicle. Here is the essential information.

Tax and insurance

In the UK, the government does not demand any vehicle tax be paid for mobility scooters. You will, however, have to register your mobility scooter as a class three invalid carriage before you can take it out. You are also not obliged to insure your mobility scooter under British law but, given the value of the vehicle, it is highly recommended that you do. The best scooter dealers will offer you insurance as part of your package.

Where can I drive?

Mobility scooters can travel on the road up to speeds of eight miles per hour, though this is restricted to certain types of road. You cannot, for instance, travel in a bus lane, cycle lane, motorway or dual carriage way with a speed limit above 50 mph. You can travel on any footpath up to speeds of four mph.

Where do I park?

Mobility scooters follow all the same parking regulations as other vehicles. You cannot leave your scooter unattended on the footpath or in a pedestrian area.

A mobility scooter is a great buy for anybody who needs help getting around. Ensuring you know the ins and outs of using one will help you make the best choice when you shop for yours.

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