Would mandatory mobility scooter training improve road safety?

Mobility Scooter Training
Mobility Scooter Training

We don’t tend to think of mobility scooters as a particularly dangerous form of transport; with a top speed of approximately 10 mph, it’s hard to imagine one ever causing a significant amount of damage. However, one MP is calling for the government to introduce mandatory mobility scooter training. Alison Seabeck, the MP for Plymouth Moor View, has asserted that the government needs to respond to an increase in the number of mobility scooter-related accidents. She points to the fact that last year, five mobility scooter users were killed and a further 17 injured.

But is it really fair to blame the drivers? Seabeck acknowledges that at least part of the problem is the “poor roadworthiness” of some scooters. If this is the case, surely the companies selling unsafe scooters have to shoulder some of the blame.

Here at Pro Rider Mobility, we are confident in the safety of all our scooters. Not only that, but we’re confident they’ll remain roadworthy for years after you buy them. That’s one of the reasons all our vehicles come with our five-star warranty. However, if “poor roadworthiness” is causing so many accidents, it seems the same cannot be said of every seller. It just goes to show the importance of buying a mobility scooter from a source you can trust and not settling for cheaper, more unsafe models.

Of course, that’s not to say that mobility scooter training shouldn’t be implemented as well. Here at Pro Rider Mobility, we support anything that ensures our drivers’ safety and helps them feel comfortable on the roads. If state-funded training can do that, who are we to argue? In the meantime, remember to improve your road safety by only buying your mobility equipment from businesses you know you can trust!

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