User tows boat with mobility scooter

Mobility Scooter Tows Boat
Mobility Scooter Tows Boat

Mobility scooters allow thousands of people to get around and generally fend for themselves in a way they simply couldn’t manage otherwise, but there are limits to what they can be used for – or are there? One owner in Hartlepool who has been using a mobility scooter to get out and about after breaking a leg, didn’t let it prevent him from enjoying a day’s fishing, even if it did involve hitching his boat to the back of his scooter and towing it – very slowly – through the centre of town.

22 year old butcher, Luke Cartridge, said he didn’t realise traffic was backing up behind him at first, but claimed that most drivers had a laugh when they realised what was causing the hold-up. With the extra load, his scooter could only manage 2 mph and eventually he was asked by police to pull over to let traffic pass. Cleveland Police later confirmed, however, that it was perfectly legal for the boat to be towed by the scooter.

It wasn’t breaking the law, but perhaps towing a boat is not the best use for a mobility scooter – at least not in heavy traffic! It’s not illegal to ride a class 3 mobility scooter on restricted speed double carriageways either, but it’s not recommended (unless there’s no alternative). At Pro Rider Mobility, we know how mobility scooters can transform a disabled user’s life, and we support their use for all kinds of activities, apart from those that put the user and other road users at risk.

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