Crime-fighting grandmother users her mobility scooter to stop a mugging

Eileen Mason, 92, knocked would-be thief to the ground with her scooter
Eileen Mason, 92, knocked would-be thief to the ground with her scooter

Mobility scooters aren’t usually associated with the action-packed world of have-a-go heroism. However, one grandmother recently put her scooter to use as a tool to fight crime.

92 year old Eileen Mason was riding alongside her 75 year old friend Margaret Seabrook when they were set upon by a mugger. The mugger grabbed Eileen Mason by the arm and attempted to snatch her handbag. However, he hadn’t reckoned on the pensioner’s indomitable spirit. Ms Mason was heard to exclaim “oh no you don’t!” She then accelerated and turned sharply with her scooter, thus driving into the would-be thief.

“He was so evil looking,” Ms Mason later remarked. “Something in me just told me to turn so I squeezed the accelerator and turned and he went flying.” Thanks to her instincts and her trusty mobility scooter, the heroic grandmother was able to protect herself and her friend.

Eileen Mason’s steely determination to defend herself is hardly surprising. She and her friend Margaret had survived the bombings of the Second World War. After living through that, she wouldn’t (as she put it) “let a weasel like that hold us back.”

Crime-fighting is a pretty unusual use for a mobility scooter. However, it demonstrates just how empowering these devices can be. Mobility scooter users might need a little help getting around, but their scooters ensure that they can be just as capable and independent as everyone else. For Eileen Mason, being capable and independent just happens to include cleaning up the streets, one mugger at a time.

Of course, Ms Mason is an exceptional person and we don’t generally recommend that our mobility scooters be used for crime-fighting purposes. However, if you want to feel the power and independence that a mobility scooter can bring, you should take a look at our products at Pro Rider Mobility  or contact our order hotline on 01604 813428.

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