Mobility scooters and motorsports

Mobility Motorsports

Mobility Motorsports

<a href="http://www viagra in den”>Mobility scooters aren’t generally associated with high-octane, high-speed racing. With a top speed of approximately eight miles an hour, the vehicles are primarily designed to provide a genteel method of locomotion for those who have difficulty getting about. However, it seems that a growing number of people want to get more out of their mobility scooters… by using them for motorsport! A peculiar and whimsical subculture appears to be developing in which scooter users overhaul their vehicles to boost their speed and range and then challenge themselves to go as fast or as far as possible.

In 2010, an enthusiast named Colin Furze set a mobility scooter speed record by driving his scooter at 71.59 mph. On another occasion, he even attempted to race a plane on the souped-up mobility aid! Furze has commented on his activities, stating “if you want to turn heads, don’t buy a Ferrari, pimp a mobility scooter up”.

Meanwhile, a motorsport marshal named Steve Tarrant has set multiple endurance records using his scooter. He was injured in 2000 while participating in the Goodwood Festival of Speed but he didn’t let that put him off motorsports! He’s currently hoping to set the record for ‘greatest distance covered in 24 hours’ using his scooter.

Aside from speed and endurance record-setting, the mobility scooter motorsports scene also offers ‘banger racing’, ‘long-distance riding’ and countless other scooter-themed twists on classic motorsports.

Sadly, the scooters we offer for sale won’t let you zoom around a track at over 70 mph or drive record-breaking distances. However, they can greatly improve your mobility and increase your level of freedom and independence. Plus, you can always pimp them up later, if that’s your thing! So why not check out our ecommerce site and see what we have to offer?

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