Mobility scooter driver being hunted by police

Too much negative mobility scooter press coverage
Too much negative mobility scooter press coverage

We recently wrote about the mobility scooter user banned from popular supermarket Sainsbury’s for life for accidentally bumping into another shopper. This week in the news, a more serious – and certainly deliberate – incident has taken place.

In the town of Southampton, a 67 year old victim has this week been hit and then run over by a mobility scooter driver. According to a recent article in the Telegraph, the driver deliberately crashed into the victim and, once he had fallen over, went on to run over his legs several times leaving him with a broken ankle. The incident only came to an end when a passer-by finally intervened.

Both victim and perpetrator are pensioners, but it isn’t clear whether or not they know each other. All we do know is that the attack was deliberate, the victim is still recovering in hospital and police are still searching for the unnamed driver. This is, after all, a hit and run, just in a more unusual vehicle.

This isn’t the only case of a mobility scooter hit and run though, as in Portsmouth this week a one year old girl was knocked over in the street, suffering cuts and bruises but no serious injury. We think it’s a shame to see such negative coverage in recent times of mobility scooters, as we know that for the most part, drivers are responsible and wouldn’t do any harm intentionally.

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