Some Derby scooter riders bomb round like maniacs

In a recent article by the Derby Telegraph, a mobility scooter user has admitted she has seen fellow users “bombing around like maniacs” and breaking the Government-enforced speed limit.

Elsie Rayson, who uses her vehicle every day in Derby, said she had witnesses people “going far faster” than the 4mph limit for pavements and pedestrianised
areas in the city centre.

The 74-year-old said she thought those who speed do create a danger – but that they are in a minority.

And another mobility scooter user from Derby has said she would welcome a test similar to the driving exam for car and motorbike users, to show she is competent using her
electric vehicle

Mrs Rayson was speaking after being shown a letter from a Derby mum that was published in the Telegraph saying she “had to be pulled out of the way” of a “speeding” scooter user in the Intu shopping centre.

Sheila Smith said the vehicle “missed her by inches” and that the man riding it appeared to have no intention of stopping following the near miss last Saturday.

Mrs Rayson, of Uttoxeter, comes to Derby every day with her husband Glenn, 70.

She said: “I keep to slow speeds but I have seen people bombing around on them like maniacs, so it does not surprise me at all if this lady says she was nearly hit by one going at speed.

“I think the vast majority of users ride slowly in Derby city centre because it is often busy with people, but there are people who ride too fast and they create a danger.”

Mobility scooter users Julia and Daniel Harries , 56 and 77, both own their own vehicles and say the do not drive them too fast.

Mrs Harries said: “I am far more wary and concerned around children and dogs when I am riding and I don’t break any speed limits.

“In fact I would welcome a driving test to take so that I can prove to people I am a capable and competent user.”

And Reg Jones, 80, of Chaddesden, said he had his own scooter at home but hired one when he came to Derby city centre.

He said: “I don’t speed on mine at all, I don’t think it goes that fast anyway.

“But without it I would not be able to get around like I do.”

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