Mobility Scooter Pensioner Loving His McDonald’s drive-through

Mobility Scooter Pensioner Loving His McDonald’s drive-through

Eyebrows were raised in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, after a pensioner drove his mobility scooter through a McDonald’s drive-thru.

The grandfather was seen to join the drive-through queue at his local McDonald’s restaurant rather than use a car parking space provided by the restaurant for their customers who choose to enter by foot.

Bemused drivers watched as the elderly gentleman pulled up to place his food order at the window, then after his food was delivered, put it carefully into the shopping basket on the front of his mobility scooter.

Customer Jonathon Owens was in his car in the queue just in front of the hungry pensioner, and at first thought that he was intending to cross the road in his scooter, but instead he watched as the gentleman pulled up behind him to wait his turn.

Mr Owens than reported that the pensioner collected his order, and drove off down the road with a Big Mac in his shopping basket. He said that the McDonald’s staff who were serving at the drive-through appeared highly amused with their elderly visitor, as they waved him happily on his way.

Photographs of the pensioner, taken by Mr Owens, riding his scooter around the drive-through have been circulated and liked on Facebook, with one commenter claiming that the gentleman was his grandfather. Commenting, Luke Griffin, said that his grandfather was a unique guy, and everyone in town knows him.

Can Mobility Scooters legally use a Drive-through?

This event does raise the question should mobility scooter users be allowed to use drive-through restaurants.

According to the McDonald’s restaurant website, mobility scooters that are road taxed and are licensed to use the road can use their drive-through’s like any other motor vehicle. The drive-through lanes have been custom built to accommodate motor cars, vans, and road-worthy mobility scooters, so the restaurant have no problem with licensed scooter drivers using the restaurant’s drive through facilities.

However, the McDonald’s website also states that the health and safety of their customers and employees is of top priority. It is for these reasons that drive-through windows are unable to serve customer on foot, bicycle riders, horse riders, or any horse-drawn vehicles. This also extends to mobility scooters that are not built for road travel.

Customers on mobility scooters that are not built for road travel are welcomed in their restaurants, and should be able to ride their mobility scooters directly into the restaurant wherever possible, via disabled access and purpose built ramps.

Disabled mother banned from drive-through

Despite the rules over mobility scooters being very clear on the restaurant website, one lady was banned from a McDonald’s drive-through when she took her 5 year old son as a passenger, and attempted to use the window to place her order.

Tina Cougill has now been barred from using the drive-through while carrying her child. The disabled 48 year old was too unwell to walk into the restaurant with her son, so instead she sat him on her lap while using her scooter in the drive-through.

The McDonald’s restaurant in Keighley, West Yorkshire, stated that the vehicles are allowed in the drive-through, but for health and safety reasons – not while carrying extra passengers.

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