Thousands Of Mobility Scooter Miles For Ex-Soldier

49 year old veteran Mark Newton has already travelled round Wales, and set the world record for the longest distance
travelled on a mobility scooter, and he keeps on going.

Mark’s Military career came to an end after he suffered a leg injury, but now the former army tank driver
is travelling 11,000 miles around the country on a mobility scooter. His original website
now tracks his journey, and with his other ventures he has covered a whopping total of 17,300.24 Miles
raising £53,032.76 so far.

His current aim around the whole country is to take photos and note every military memorial in the United Kingdom,
with the money raised going to charity.

Currently he is going to be in Somerset over the next few months, with his cats in tow. His epic adventure could take
upto 10 years to complete.

You can keep track of Mark’s journey on his website and if you wish to donate, you can do this securely
via Virgin Money Giving. Mark is raising the money for Help For Heroes, SSAFA, The Royal British Legion and Lifeboats RNU.

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