Golfer Banned Off Course On Mobility Scooter

77 year old Brian Yates from Lockington has been a member at his golf course in Beverley for over 10 years, but he has now been told mobility scooters are no longer allowed on the course. Brian refers to his scooter as his buggy and because of his age and a heart problem he cannot get out and around the course without it. When the club told him the new he could not believe it, and he has had to leave his club of ten years and all of his friends there and find someone different.

The golf club issued a letter to all its course members informing them of the ban, which has been introduced by the Beverley Pasture Masters, who run the golf course at The Beverley Westwood Golf Club

Stewart Fraser is the director of golf at the club, which rents the land from the Masters.

He said they had now lost three members who use mobility scooters and were disappointed by the new rule.

“We were, of course, very disappointed as it means three of our members will no longer to be able to play on the course, which is regrettable,” he said.

“We tried to fight against the decision but it is out of our hands. We are simply tenants of the land so we have to comply with our landlords and enforce
their orders.”

The Beverley Pasture Masters will talk more on the matter at their next committee meeting on Thursday, October 22.

Clubs old traditions

Centuries-old and being a member of this exclusive group who look after Beverley’s pastures is no easy feat.

To gain membership you must be a Freeman of Beverley, meaning you are the son or daughter of a Freeman.

Twelve Pasture Masters are then voted in every March by other Freeman.

The rules used to be that only sons could become Freeman, but in 2010, the bylaws were changed to allow women to join.

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