Engineer Invents Futuristic Wheelchair For His Best Mate

When engineer Kevin Halsalls best friend Marcus Thompson was left paraplegic after a skiing accident,Kevin decided to develop a wheelchair that would work with the previous active lifestyle of Marcus.

In New Zealand the engineer developed a wheelchair that could be a game changer, called the Ogo and based on the functions of a Segway that lets the rider move precisely, move freely and without using their hands.

He added in features not seen on other wheelchairs like being able to change wheels for going on different terrains, and still being able to travel at 20km, even off road.

4 years in development, the prototype has certainly had a lot of work put into it by Kevin and Marcus and is now in the National Innovators Awards as a finalist, along with which it will also be made available for purchase by the public.

“The disabled are exactly like you and me, they all need freedom and excitement in their life. Ogo takes that to a whole new level. It will go faster, it will go more places and is smaller and lighter than just about anything else.The fact that you can operate it completely hands-free makes Ogo a definite game-changer”.
– Kevin Halsall

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