Mobility Scooter Transformation Benefits Charity


A 73 year old Grandad turned his mobility scooter into the famous Coca-Cola Christmas truck to help raise funds for a cancer charity.

Pensioner, Barrie Hall, has managed to raise thousands of pounds in aid of the Cancer Research charity by painstakingly transforming his mobility scooter to look just like the iconic Coca-Cola truck as seen in television adverts at Christmas time.

It took Barrie a total of eight months to convert his second-hand scooter, at a cost of around £400. The 7mph top speed disability scooter was transformed using parts bought off the internet shopping site eBay, and comes complete with a festive picture of Father Christmas holding a bottle fizzy pop. Barrie even festooned the sides of the scooter-come-truck with red-and-white flashing lights to look like the ones used on the real truck.

Once Barrie had completed his ten-wheeled miniature version of the truck, he took to the streets of his home town and county around Lincolnshire raising funds for Cancer Research. So far his fund raising efforts have collected over £3,500 and he hasn’t stopped yet!

Barrie retired from taxi driving a year ago, and has fought his own battle with Leukaemia over the past five years. His late wife Susan also died from mouth cancer back in 2010 at the age of 68, so he has been no stranger to the horrible disease.

Driven by his desire to raise money for Cancer Research, Barrie converted his late wife’s mobility scooter into the iconic Coca-Cola truck as a novel way to raise funds.

Last Christmas Barrie decorated the scooter to look like Santa’s Sleigh, but this year he was determined to do something much bigger. The miniature replica truck design has been a big hit with local children, and lots of people have been talking about it which helped spread the word around. Barrie even had local police officers having photographs taken with him and his scooter conversion. He commented to the local press that the response has been overwhelming, and it has made him feel like a celebrity despite only wanting to do something good for charity.

The idea for the mobility scooter conversion was initially so grand that Barrie didn’t think he could ever get it off the ground, but after approaching Coca-Cola with his novel idea, he was given the go-ahead by them and the project was set in motion. Barrie also approached businesses for their help, and all his efforts are helping to raise awareness of Leukaemia as well as raising money for essential research.

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