Mobility Scooter Parking causes issues for Disabled Lady

Jeanette Perry from Gosport was ordered to remove her mobility scooters from outside her home, despite being moved to her one-bedroom council home because it was suitable for her disability.

Her local council told Ms Perry that she cannot keep them outside her home, but instead offered her the use of a garage to store her scooters. Unfortunately, the garage is situated a mile away from her home, but Mrs Perry relies on her mobility scooters to get around.

In an interview with local press, Ms Perry said that it has made her confused and fearful of losing her home if she carries on keeping her scooters outside the property.

Since moving to her one-bedroom house earlier this year, the 58-year-old has been told by Gosport Borough Council staff that she must either move her scooters to the garage provided, or she will need to get rid of them entirely.

Following her complaint to the council, Ms Perry was told that she could keep her scooters outside her home by council chief executive Ian Lycett. However, she is still being told by different council staff members that she cannot.

In her press interview she said, ‘I am so confused and it is adding more stress to my life. First of all they said I can’t have them outside my house, then Mr Lycett sent a letter which said I could but I am still being told I am not allowed.

So worried is Ms Perry over the scooter parking issue that she has not been able to settle in properly to her new home for fear of the council re-locating her to another property. This latest house move has been her third in 18 months, something that she really does not want to go though again.

Ms Perry’s previous home was a two-bedroom property that was considered too big for her. After being shown her new one-bedroom home, the council had failed to mention having any issues with her mobility scooters. She told local press: ‘I had no idea it was going to be such a problem.

The garage that the council has offered Ms Perry is too far away for her to walk, and even then her disability would mean she wouldn’t be able to open the garage unless it was installed with an automatic door.
As well as the mobility scooter parking issues, Ms Perry has also been told that a storage box of litter-picking equipment must also be removed. Ms Perry volunteers her spare time to picking up litter in the area, but fears she will be forced to give this up if her equipment is taken away.

According to a letter sent from Gosport Council to Ms Perry, residents are not allowed to block communal areas but added the area outside her property is within its boundary and not considered communal land.

Ms Perry has been left confused over the parking issues, and is still waiting for the situation to be resolved.

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