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Would mandatory mobility scooter training improve road safety?

Mobility Scooter Training
Mobility Scooter Training

We don’t tend to think of mobility scooters as a particularly dangerous form of transport; with a top speed of approximately 10 mph, it’s hard to imagine one ever causing a significant amount of damage. However, one MP is calling for the government to introduce mandatory mobility scooter training. Alison Seabeck, the MP for Plymouth Moor View, has asserted that the government needs to respond to an increase in the number of mobility scooter-related accidents. She points to the fact that last year, five mobility scooter users were killed and a further 17 injured.

But is it really fair to blame the drivers? Seabeck acknowledges that at least part of the problem is the “poor roadworthiness” of some scooters. If this is the case, surely the companies selling unsafe scooters have to shoulder some of the blame.

Here at Pro Rider Mobility, we are confident in the safety of all our scooters. Not only that, but we’re confident they’ll remain roadworthy for years after you buy them. That’s one of the reasons all our vehicles come with our five-star warranty. However, if “poor roadworthiness” is causing so many accidents, it seems the same cannot be said of every seller. It just goes to show the importance of buying a mobility scooter from a source you can trust and not settling for cheaper, more unsafe models.

Of course, that’s not to say that mobility scooter training shouldn’t be implemented as well. Here at Pro Rider Mobility, we support anything that ensures our drivers’ safety and helps them feel comfortable on the roads. If state-funded training can do that, who are we to argue? In the meantime, remember to improve your road safety by only buying your mobility equipment from businesses you know you can trust!

What are the legal requirements for mobility scooter owners?

Shop Rider Toledo Mobility Scooter

If you struggle with walking or have issues with fatigue, a mobility scooter can be a truly life-changing purchase. Yet, if you are new to these devices, you will probably want a bit of an introduction before you dive in and purchase your first one. In particular, you may want to know the various legal requirements of handling this vehicle. Here is the essential information.

Tax and insurance

In the UK, the government does not demand any vehicle tax be paid for mobility scooters. You will, however, have to register your mobility scooter as a class three invalid carriage before you can take it out. You are also not obliged to insure your mobility scooter under British law but, given the value of the vehicle, it is highly recommended that you do. The best scooter dealers will offer you insurance as part of your package.

Where can I drive?

Mobility scooters can travel on the road up to speeds of eight miles per hour, though this is restricted to certain types of road. You cannot, for instance, travel in a bus lane, cycle lane, motorway or dual carriage way with a speed limit above 50 mph. You can travel on any footpath up to speeds of four mph.

Where do I park?

Mobility scooters follow all the same parking regulations as other vehicles. You cannot leave your scooter unattended on the footpath or in a pedestrian area.

A mobility scooter is a great buy for anybody who needs help getting around. Ensuring you know the ins and outs of using one will help you make the best choice when you shop for yours.

Mobility Scooter Safety Courses Improve Quality of Life

A new police project in South Yorkshire is encouraging mobility scooter users to enroll on safety courses. Delivered in community centres, care homes and churches across the county, the free Scooter Safe project uses a film-set indoor street to help train scooter users on protecting themselves and others when out and about.

It may seem unnecessary, but an increase in accessibility to these courses could be a huge benefit to those with mobility problems. A common issue is that mobility scooters do not require licenses, so many individuals have no, or very limited, experience of road safety or insurance policies. This can be very stressful, particularly for the elderly, so community-driven initiatives such as this can vastly improve accessibility and confidence for locals.

Outreach programmes are also a great way to help individuals get to know one another better and make new friends, another big plus for those who sometimes struggle to get out of the house preis viagra schweiz. Could more projects such as this continue to improve quality of life for disabled individuals? Longer term drives could yield even further benefits, so it’s fantastic to see such a positive response to Scooter Safe so far. A mixture of public and private initiatives could be used not only to improve safety for users and other members of the public, but to give tips and advice on making the most out of your scooter, maintenance, and local accessible routes – the possibilities are endless!

EU court ruling says that obesity can be a disability

In December 2014, the European Court of Justice ruled that obesity can be classed as a disability. The ruling came after a case involving a Danish childminder who was sacked by his local authority for being too overweight to tie children’s shoelaces and other basic duties that were part of his role. The EU ruling stated that if obesity prevents “full and effective participation” in the workplace, it can be classed as a disability.

In the UK, a quarter of all adults are defined as clinically obese, with many using a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair to improve mobility. For many of those who struggle with obesity, this new ruling is a positive step, as it could lead to positive changes in the workplace, such as medical advice, the opportunity to work from home, parking spaces close to the building or office furniture that is more comfortable for those with a larger frame. The precedent set here could mean that those who are sacked because of their size could successfully go through compensation proceedings in court.

However, there are many criticisms of the rulings, primarily amongst those who believe that as obesity is a condition that can be changed, it should not be seen in the same way as other disabilities over which sufferers have no control. There are also critics who say that if obesity is classed as a disability, it could actually discourage those who are seriously overweight from losing weight, as they will be treated more favourably because of their size.

This doesn’t mean blanket changes, though, as workplace issues relating to obesity will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The “Rolls Royce” of Mobility Scooters

The Rolls Royce of Mobility Scooters
The Rolls Royce of Mobility Scooters

A retired engineer from Westonsuper-Mare in Somerset has spent his retirement customising a mobility scooter into….. a Rolls Royce!!

Bill Inston’s mobility scooter certainly turns heads. He spent three months painstakingly adapting his standard scooter to resemble a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.

“Like everyone else, I always wanted a Rolls and like many others, I could never afford one. So one day I had the idea to turn my scooter into one. When I’m cruising through Weston people often stop me and ask about it.”

“I see other people using mobility scooters looking enviously on”

Eight years ago, Bill fractured his femur, immobilising him and leaving him in need of a mobility scooter to claim back his life. A few hundred pounds more and he had his Silver Cloud.

Not bad if you consider that a real Rols Royce Phantom costs £300,000. But, a Phantom has a V12 engine, where Bill’s Rolls has a 12V battery…….


Road King 8mph Class 3 Mobility Scooter

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Pro Rider Road King Class 3 Mobility Scooter

Introducing our flagship 8mph class 3 mobility scooter…..
the Pro Rider Road King.

With a range of up to 35 miles and a massive 1100W motor, this is one of the most powerful mobility scooters on the market.

Equipped with a professional Captains Deluxe seat which rotates, moves forwards and backwards, is height adjustable and back rest angle adjustable, this scooter will give ultimate comfort for your journey.

And being a class 3 mobility scooter, the Road King is ready for long journeys on the road. It features a head light, left and right indicators and side reflectors.

Pro Rider Mobility also offer free 5 star home warranty with this scooter and also free insurance.

Find out more about Pro Rider Class 3 Mobility Scooters here.

Pro Rider Mobility Scooter Receives WHICH! BEST BUY AWARD


We are proud to announce that the well renowned consumer review magazine WHICH! has awarded our Pro Rider ELITE mobility scooter BEST BUY in its mobility scooter category.

Our ELITE scooter was thoroughly put through its paces by the WHICH! magazine testers and it came top for a number of categories such as “Getting on and off”, “Using Controls”, “Clarity of Display” and “Ease of charging battery”. When asked the question “Should I buy it?”, the WHICH! experts answered “Yes. This Best Buy scooter costs less than some we’ve seen and is comfortable and convenient to use.”

They added, “This class two mobility scooter moves round obstacles with ease, is simple to control, pulls away smoothly and gives a comfortable ride. It’s easy to assemble, and when you’ve completed your trip it can be dismantled into five parts that will fit in the boot of a car. It’s so good we didn’t hesitate to make it a Best Buy.”

And they didn’t let the “below £500” price tag sway their judgement either. Even though this scooter is considerably cheaper than most other models on the market, the WHICH! tests were conducted against much more expensive brands. And the Pro Rider ELITE still come out on top!!

So, we are very proud of our WHICH! accolade and we are now looking to get our other mobility scooters tested as well.

If you would like to read the whole WHICH! magazine review, please click here.

If you would like to find out more about the Pro Rider ELITE mobility scooter, please click here to view it in our online shop.