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The Benefits of Riser / Recliner Chairs

Riser Recliner Chairs from Pro Rider Mobility

If you have difficulty in standing up, you may find it a lot easier to stay sat down in one particular chair. Or even stay in bed.

A riser / recliner chair is specially designed to make it easier for you to stand from a sitting posture, and to sit down from a standing position.

As the name suggests, a riser / recliner chair has two main functions to make life easier.

First of all the riser action raises the base of the chair and tilts it forwards so that there is no distance to lower yourself to the seat of the chair. This takes all the effort out of the back and leg muscles and lets the motors in the chair take the weight.

Once you are positioned comfortable the quiet motors in the chair will return the user to a relaxing sitting position.

The recliner function can then be used to get your body into the most comfortable position. The back will recline and the foot rest will gently lift your feet if required.

Everything is operated by an easy to use remote control, meaning you can use the chair independently.

Riser / recliner chairs are particularly useful if you have problems with your legs. The foot rest can be altered to a number of different heights meaning you can continually adjust for comfort, so not to get sore.

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